Amy Elizabeth is a heart-centred entrepreneur on a mission to inspire, energise and empower as many people as she can to live happy and fulfilling lives, with optimum health and clarity of mind.

Having risen above adverse circumstances to achieve positive stability and success in her own life, Amy has a strong desire to help and support others.

Amy has learned how to change her beliefs, thoughts and self- talk so that she is no longer living in an ‘if only’ mindset; she now sees possibility in everything, enabling her to live a more resilient and creative life.

As well as running her own studio, designing jewellery and clothing lines and mentoring young people, Amy is trained in multiple healing practices including Reiki, The Bars - Access Consciousness, Hopi Ear Candles and Crystal Healing. She is also a mother to a young son and passionate about protecting animals and working to save our planet.

Unlock your potential...

“There aren’t many people I’ve met with the same unbridled level of energy and passion as Amy - if you’re looking for someone to unlock your potential, understand who you are and what makes your heart sing, Amy can do just that. Through her book, cards and associated projects, she can teach us all a thing or two about the importance of living a joyful life, thinking more deeply and growing fully into your best self.”

- Emma Sasai

Welcome Welcome! Fancy seeing you here! I am Amy Elizabeth and boy are you in the right place, at the right time!

Pure Magic Online will help you transform your life. It will help you understand (and find) your souls purpose. It will help bring your life to a cohesive whole. 

I help others walk their own pathway of self-belief, confidence and purpose for the rest of their living days...

Pure Magic Online will help you:

- Tune into your higher consciousness 

- Become more self-aware

- Raise your levels of confidence and self-esteem (and maintain them)

- Understand your souls purpose

- Become mentally stronger

- Understand yourself on a deeper level

- Balance and re-frame your mindset and emotional state

- Lift your mood

- Understand yourself 

- Become stronger, wiser and more positive 

- Raise your energy levels 

- Find and utilise your hidden skills and truth 

- Release your inner purpose and truth 

- Build self-help skills, techniques and tools for life.

Testimonial: “Amy is an incredibly motivated entrepreneur and businesswoman. I have seen her overcome adversity over the years and come out the other end prosperous. Her innovative approach to business is most definitely her strong suit, and her likability and spirit is gravitational.”

  • Limahl Rendel Mills